18 September 2014

..::Product Review::.. PicStick Photo Magnets

My Review of PicStick

What is it exactly?

     From the website. . .
"PicSticks are high quality glossy photographic magnets. Each photo measures 50x65mm and is 0.7mm thick. They come in a grid of 9 photos that can be easily separated by tearing along the perforations or by bending and snapping.

Our factory, located in England, uses state of the art digital processes to print your photos onto 200gsm art board, which is then fixed on to a magnetic backing.

PicSticks are strong, child-friendly and magnetic, so can be stuck to any metal surface. You can of course affix them to other surfaces as you would any other photo."


I was sent a sheet of 9 photo magnets from PicStick to review.  

Each sheet of 9 photo magnets costs $14.99.  Shipping?  Free.  Anywhere in the world.

Packaging & Presentation of PicStick

PicStick arrived in a normal white envelope. It was sent from and made in England, with love. 


Upon opening the envelope, I found a piece of card stock with my order number and a small printed preview of my magnets.

As you can see, the magnets do, in fact, come in a sheet. They are securely kept together, and the only way to separate them is to tear them, or bend and rip.

Photo Magnet Sheet

My Personal Experience with PicStick

There isn't much to do with magnets besides look at them and use them on a metallic surface, so I'm going to go through my steps.

Step 1:  I separated the magnets from each other.  At this point, I also inspected them for quality printing, etc.  Let me say this-- they looked exactly like the photos I uploaded.  I was happy with the results.  Sometimes when you order photos online they do not turn out as planned. In this case, they looked good.

Separated the magnets

Step 2:  Looked at the back.  I'm not sure why I do this. I've always done it. Every time I get my hands on a magnet, I always look at the back. So, naturally, I present you with a picture of the back of the magnets:

Back of the magnets

Step 3: I placed them on the fridge. Sometimes you come across a bad magnet that has trouble staying on the fridge.  These didn't.  These stuck very easily, and stayed in place without sliding.

On fridge

Step 4:  Of course I had to do the "does-it-hold-paper" test.  Here I chose a nice piece of artwork that my 6 year old brought me from school.  I chose 3 magnets featuring his mug and hung the picture using them.  They really hold a picture well.  I also tested to see how many sheets of paper one magnet can hold alone.  The answer is (4) 8.5" x 11" pieces of paper.

These photo magnets hold up artwork!

Pros of PicStick
  • Easy ordering process.  There are not any options. You upload 9 of your favorite photos and place the order.
  • The photo magnet's print job is superior to competitors.
  • These magnets actually hold papers on your fridge.'
  • You can upload pictures from your computer, phone, tablet, Facebook account, or even Dropbox.
  • Free shipping.  Uh, did I mention that shipping was free? To anywhere you may live!

Cons of PicStick
  • No options.  It would be nice to see magnets offered with a border or a 'place a date' option.  Nothing super special, just an extra way to personalize them.
  • They are located overseas, so if you needed to call them, the time zone issue would be tricky.  Email or using the form on their website would be your best bet for customer service.


As far as the photo magnets themselves?  Love 'em.  They bring a familiar personality to my fridge.  They are printed with a high quality ink.  They hold up papers.  You can choose the photos you want from pretty much any platform available.  I think I am going to buy another set and give them to my grandma for Christmas.  She loves gifts that are personal and thoughtful.

Are you wanting to try to try PicStick, too?  Click the link below, and order away!  

Use code THRIFTY25 to save 25% off of your order!


For further information, please visit PicStick on:

DISCLAIMER:  I received the product mentioned above complimentary for review purposes from PicStick. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.  All opinions stated above are solely mine, and have not been influenced in any way.  I am disclosing this information in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255.

Local Event: Lane Southern Orchards (Fort Valley, GA)

Local Event:  Lane Southern Orchards Farm Fall Festival (Fort Valley, GA)

What is Lane Southern Orchards, anyway?
"Lane Southern Orchards friendly agricultural operation offers city slickers and international visitors a chance to see a real working farm. Peaches are picked fresh, processed on the packing line, then delivered to your neighborhood grocery store and to your family's table."

I moved to Georgia in 2013, and everybody kept telling me how good Lane Southern Orchards is. Especially their homemade peach ice cream.  

So, with this being said, I made my way over there. 

 It did not disappoint!  Even when an 'event' isn't going on, Lane's has a bunch of neat stuff!  You can look into their packing facility and check out how it works, you can shop for a variety of things in their market shop, and you can even sit down for a bite to eat (don't forget the signature peach ice cream!).

Lane's offers many family-friendly events which bring people here year after year.  

APRIL?  Spring Fling!  Featuring a pick-your-own Strawberry Patch

JULY?  Commemorating America's independence!  Featuring a July 4th picnic and patriotic celebration

OCTOBER?  Farm Fall Festival!  Featuring a 7-acre Corn Maze, and a pumpkin patch

Since it is October, enjoy a family day at Lane Southern Orchards during their Farm Fall Festival.  It's a fun, inexpensive, and memorable time for the entire family.

Don't forget to grab your coupon-- good for $2 off Admission to the Corn Maze!!

DISCLAIMER:  I wrote this post on behalf of Lane Southern Orchards and US Family Guide. Regardless, I am only recommending this since I have personally visited Lane's, and believe you will love it,too!  All opinions stated above are solely mine, and have not been influenced at all.  I am disclosing this information in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255.

16 September 2014

..::Review + Giveaway::.. Piczzle Photo Puzzle

My Review of Piczzle

Piczzle recently sent me a 48-piece jigsaw photo puzzle to review.

Piczzle's prices are marked per puzzle.  You can choose between a rectangle, heart, or round puzzle.  After you choose your shape, you can either choose a standard puzzle between 6 and 2,000 pieces or a wooden puzzle between 8 and 1,500 pieces.  I received the 48-piece standard rectangle puzzle.  This particular puzzle was priced at $21.95. 

Packaging & Presentation

When I took the box out of the mailbox, the post office smooshed the exterior box.  I was worried that my picture puzzle was going to be destroyed.  Luckily, it wasn't.  I give credit to Piczzle for excellent packaging.

As you can see, the puzzle comes in a heavy duty brown cardboard box wrapped in tight plastic.  Looking at the picture on the front, it was printed in high quality, and was placed centered on the box.  

See that label above?  The label is just Piczzle's business logo. I like it.  Here's a closeup.

My Personal Experience with Piczzle

I like puzzles, so I was pretty excited to be able to review this.  Before anything, I want to review Piczzle's website and the ordering process.

Piczzle.com was very easy to use.  Basically, you pick what kind of puzzle you want, upload your photo, and pay for it.  Even though the site is user-friendly, I can't say that I liked the design of the site.  To me, it looks like it could be better organized and more colorful.

Getting on with the puzzle itself, I ordered one with my kids on it.  I love this picture of them!
The first thing I did was unwrap the plastic and opened the box.  The pieces were inside of a Ziploc bag so they have minimal movement during shipping.

Opening the box

Next, like all other puzzles, I separated the corners, straight edges, and middle pieces (I'm sure everybody does this, right?)

Separating the pieces
Finally, I outlined the puzzle and began filling it in.

All finished!


Pros of Piczzle
  • Love, love, love the presentation.  The quality of the cover image, the box, and the shipping impressed me.
  • The website is super easy to use.  Choose, upload, pay.  That's it.
  • The puzzle pieces are sturdy, they are not flimsy like other puzzles.
  • You have the ability to choose sizes and shapes.  By doing so, you can choose the perfect gift for any age.
  • The ink quality on the puzzle did not disappoint.

Cons of Piczzle
  • I did not find one con of this product.  I liked it a 10 out of 10, 100%, A+.  I loved it.


C'mon, what's not to love here?  If you are a puzzle-lover (like I am), this is such an awesome product.  You can customize your very own puzzle.  You can give this as a gift, hoard it for yourself, buy one to frame on the wall, etc. So many options!

I give Piczzle my highest recommendation. 

Are you wanting to get your very own Piczzle?  Enter the GIVEAWAY!  

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Open to US entrants only. 
$21.95 ARV
Giveaway will end 24-9-2014 at 0000. 
No purchase necessary. 
Winners will be announced 25-9-2014. 
The winner will be emailed and given 24 hours to respond. 
If no response, the next winner will be chosen.

Don't want to enter the giveaway?


For further information, please visit:

DISCLAIMER:  I received the product mentioned above complimentary for review purposes from Piczzle. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.  All opinions stated above are solely mine, and have not been influenced at all.  I am disclosing this information in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255.

15 September 2014

..::Book Review::.. Conrad and the Cowgirl Next Door - Children's Book

My Review of Conrad and the Cowgirl Next Door by Denette Fretz 


"In this follow-up to their debut hit Pirates on the Farm, author Denette Fretz and illustrator Gene Barretta team up once again to tell a humorous tale about what it means to love your neighbor."

Here are some pictures of the book:

My Personal Review

As the second book in The Next Door Series, author Denette Fretz gives your children a quick look into the 'real world' and how to deal with the annoying 'know-it-alls' that we all seem to come across every now and then.

This book is written for children ages 4-8.  My son is 6, and he was very excited to read this book with us (he loves books!).

What I liked about the book is it sparked Charlie's interest immediately with the pictures.  He really liked them and thought they were hilarious.  

Kids' books usually have a moral component, so I was looking for it.  Then BAM! it hit me in the face.  The moral of this story is that you need to 'love your neighbor' no matter what.  In this case, Conrad helped Imogene after she fell even though she has been rude to him the entire book.

The characters are funny and are able to be related to for a young child (especially school-aged).  

It was a little long, so if your children can't sit still for a longer book, then this isn't the book for you.  

This is a hardcover book that can put up with a lot of wear.

Daddy getting ready to read to the kids.  Excuse Charlie's face, he seems to never take a serious picture these days.  :)

Daddy reading the book.  Even Cici liked it!

Extra Information

Please check out this book on:
DISCLAIMER:  I received the product mentioned above complimentary for review purposes from Book Look. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.  All opinions stated above are solely mine, and have not been influenced at all.  I am disclosing this information in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255.

14 September 2014

..::Product Review::.. Bee Sili Ice Pop Mold Maker

My Review of the Bee Sili Lunchbox Containers & Ice Pop Molds

What is it exactly?

     From the website. . .
"It's Fun & Fast for Busy Families to Enjoy Healthy, Thrifty Snacks with Our Eco Friendly Silicone Lunch Box Containers & Ice Pop Molds! *6 ice pop molds stand up in a cup or glass for easy filling * Each mold holds 3.3 oz or about 1/3 cup * Leave 1" at top for expansion when frozen * Run warm/hot water over sides of frozen pop to loosen for easy push up * Let Your Imagination Run Wild * Fill pops: Left over smoothie mix, juice, jello, yogurt, pudding, coconut, almond or chocolate milk with berries, left over baby food, leftover sauces & more! * Adults Only: Margarita, pina colada, daiquiri mixes, jello shots & more? * Pets: On the go, travel snack keeper for your pet's treats * Keep snacks fresh: Nuts, seeds, dried fruit, granola, veggies, candy * Travel: Snacks, vitamins, Q tips, cotton balls, gum, mints * LOVE these BPA free, food grade silicone lunch box & ice pop molds as much as we do or we will refund you 100% for any reason, anytime!"


I was sent a 6-piece mold/container set from Bee Sili to review.  

On Amazon, these molds/containers are priced at $12.95 with free shipping if you have Amazon Prime.

Packaging & Presentation of the Bee Sili Lunchbox Containers & Ice Pop Molds

They finally arrived!  I was looking forward to this review, so without further ado...

Let's take a look at this packaging.  It's pretty colorful. Indeed it is.  But that's about it as far as that goes.  Wrapped in a cellophane bag (without a company logo), the (6) Bee Sili mold/containers were neatly packed as a set.  There were no instructions included.  

I know, I know.  Why would I need instructions for something so simple?  I like to think of it this way:  You are giving these to somebody as a gift.  When the recipient opens the gift, they are going to wonder what these colorful tubes are for.  Of course the directions are on Amazon, but do you really want to include a link to the product in your gift?  It would be so much easier if the manufacture included a little piece of paper that outlined the usage ideas for these.

Interior Package

The Bee Sili molds are 1.5" wide by 8" long.  Each of the molds hold 1/3 cup of product.  After unwrapping them, you can see that each mold is printed with a logo and includes an individual cap.

Bee Sili Molds

My Personal Experience with the Bee Sili Lunchbox Containers & Ice Pop Molds

When I found out that I was going to be reviewing these, I was pretty excited.  Since Charlie is in first grade now, he has to bring a lunch.  What better way to pack those 'loose' snacks than in a reusable container? (No more buying plastic baggies anymore-- yay!!)

Since these are designed to be lunchbox containers AND popsicle molds, I tested both methods of use.

The molds do have a plastic-y smell as soon as you take them out of the packaging, so please be sure to wash them before using them.  

To start with, I used this product as a lunch container.  I decided to pack some peanuts in the blue mold for Charlie's lunch.  It did fix exactly 1/3 cup with little room to spare.  They didn't spill at all, the cap held on nicely during the day.

Used as a lunch container holding peanuts

Next, I used the product as an ice pop mold.  I made cherry popsicles!  I made up my mix, and then poured it on in.  It was very easy to get the proper amount in.  You stick the molds in a cup so they stand up straight and just pour the liquid in using a liquid measuring cup.

Pouring the Popsicle mix in the Ice Pop Mold

After about 2 hours of being in the freezer, we finally reached a solid freeze. Looking at the surrounding area in which I placed the mold in the freezer, there were absolutely no leaks from the lid or elsewhere. This was the easy part.  You take your popsicle out of the freezer and run some warm water over the tube.  It pushed out nice and easy-- no mess!

Finished popsicle

...and of course Charlie is enjoying it!

Charlie eating his fresh popsicle

Pros of the Bee Sili Lunchbox Containers & Ice Pop Molds
  • Great way to save money and end useless waste products.  No more buying plastic bags for snacks.  No more buying plastic-wrapped popsicles.
  • Versatile.  Use as snack holders for your kids, pet treats on-the-go, ice pop molds, jello molds, and even (for adults only!) jello shooters!
  • Comes in a variety of colors suitable for either gender.
  • Small size allows these mold/containers to be ultra-portable.
  • FDA-approved food grade and BPA-free.
  • Dishwasher safe. (Yes, we all like this one!)

Cons of the Bee Sili Lunchbox Containers & Ice Pop Molds
  • They smell plastic-y right out of the package.
  • You have to be careful when you fill these with liquid and try to place the cap on.  If you do not leave room, it is going to overflow and create a large mess.
  • No instructions. This is a big one for me. It would be beneficial for Bee Sili's customers to quickly look at some usage ideas rather than having to go to Amazon to be reminded.


In short, I like these things.  They make it easy for me to pack Charlie's lunch in a pinch, and to also create a fun iced snack in no time.  If you are looking to slightly simplify your life, then go with the Bee Sili's.  You'll like 'em, the kid's'll like 'em and it is a win-win!

Are you wanting to try to try the Bee Sili Lunchbox Containers & Ice Pop Molds, too?  Click the link below, and order away!  


For further information, please visit Bee Sili on:

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.