17 November 2014

Aviva Advanced Hair Nutrition 60-day Update

Aviva Advanced Hair Nutrition 60-day Update

I was sent a 2-month supply (128 softgels) from Aviva to review, and this is the end of the second month!  I already wrote about my first month's experience, and you can check that out HERE.

Here is a quick overview of the last post--

Some perks of taking this supplement:

+ Boosts Length
+ Builds Strength
+ Improves Texture
+ Increases Shine
+ Balances Hair Health
+ Reduces Shedding

...So... How did it work for me?

In 30 days, I've noticed:

+ Additional Strength
+ Improved Texture
+ Increase in Shine (definitely)
+ Overall hair health

In 60 days, I've noticed in increase in:

+ Super healthy hair
+ Shiny, glossy hair
+ Less frizz
+ Amount of hair loss (finally!)
+ More hair growing in (baby hair)

To summarize everything, Aviva totally works, and I recommend it to anybody who wants to experience the benefits for themselves.

I always part my hair on the left, and after years and years of doing that, I started to see a little bit more of my scalp than I liked.  Aviva helped grow some baby hair to cover those spots.  I honestly was impressed, usually supplements that claim so many factors never work.

Aviva is supposed to stop hair shedding.  During my first 30 days, I didn't notice any difference in that department.  This time, I did.  Usually when I brush my hair, I get pretty depressed at what I see remaining in the bristles.  Not anymore.  The amount of hair in the brush is normal to me.  I feel like my hair is stronger, and more resilient to the force of the brush.  

I absolutely love, love, love the appearance of my hair.  I was in the military for quite some time, and I had to wear my hair the same way for years.  NOW, I have the ability to actually style it and I didn't like that my hair was so brittle, dull, and wispy.  I figured that was just the luck of the draw.  I tried a few serums, etc., but definitely to no avail.

Aviva really revived my hair.  It is more manageable, healthy, and overall beautiful.  I'm happy with the results, and I'd gladly use this again.  

I took this picture 2 days ago.  I just love how shiny my hair is.

The price for a 1-month supply is $59.95.  You can purchase this supplement in a 1, 2, or 3 month box.

Are you wanting to try Aviva Advanced Hair Nutrition, too?  Click the link below, and order away!  

For further information, please visit Aviva on:

Disclaimer:  I received the Aviva Advanced Hair Nutrition supplemented complimentary from Aviva and Bulu Box for review purposes only.  All opinions expressed are mine, and have not been influenced in any way.

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