08 June 2015

..::Book Review::.. Homemade Bath Bombs, Salts & Scrubs by Kate Bello

My Review of Homemade Bath Bombs, Salts & Scrubs by Kate Bello


"A revitalizing bath will transform your day, mood and health like nothing else. Homemade Bath Bombs, Salts & Scrubs offers 300 easy, fun, DIY recipes. These personalized creations utilize fragrant petals, powerful essential oils and exotic ingredients like: 


Made of all-natural ingredients, these bath additions elevate your soak and help to relieve everyday ailments, including: 

• Allergies
• Common Cold
• Stress
• Acne
• Dry Skin 
• Sunburn"

My Personal Review

This book is so exciting!  I love DIY, especially when it comes to making my own beauty products.  It is set up well-- the front pages give an introduction as well as explanations about how the products work and why they are good for you.  Then, all of the recipes are set up in order by what they do.  The back matter provides an index as well as a recipe index so you can sort any way that you wish.

I decided to make an uplifting scrub (or soak, depending how I want to use it).  I grabbed all of my ingredients:  Dead Sea salt, Epsom salt, fractionated coconut oil, a bergamot oil, lemon oil, and an 'I Feel Good' oil blend (this one has a lot of citrus notes in it).  Lastly, I found a jar to mix it all in.

First, I added both of my salts and mixed them together.  I added a 5:1 of Dead Sea salt to Epsom salt and mixed well.

Next, I added the coconut oil.  I made a tad oily that way it can be used as both a scrub and soak.  Whichever I'm in the mood for.

I added all of my essential oils.  There's really no set amount here.  Add what you want, and how much you feel is necessary.  I usually add a little more than what the recipe calls for because I like highly scented things.

This is totally optional, but I like to add a little color...

...and then I seal it up!  You can use as little or as much as you'd like.

This book (paperback, because I'm partial to them!) costs $12.30 on Amazon, and shipping is free with Amazon Prime.  

You can also grab the Kindle edition for $9.49.

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